Unsuccessful hitchhike to Ajaccio

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 9 months ago

An old friend of mine that I found in Alghero, Island of Sardinia, seeing me in the street eating sandwiches of cheap mortadella and sleeping in the beach, gave me 10.000 pesetas (about 60 Euro) as a loan to help me to continue my long journey crossing Europe from North to South (I started two months earlier in Finland with an equivalent of 600 euro), but only in the ferry from Santa Teresa to Bonifacio, in Corsica, I spent almost all that amount. I had left scarcely 1.000 thousand pesetas, or today’s 6 euro, not enough for a bus ride to Ajaccio, not to mention the boat to continental France. After visiting lovely Bonifacio I hitchhiked to the north, by nobody wanted to pick me up to Ajaccio. A few hours later, tired of hitch hiking without success, a lady offered me a ride to Porto Vecchio and I gratefully accepted, giving up the idea to get to Ajaccio. In Porto Vecchio, thanks to the benevolence of the ferry captain, I was given a free ride in the ferry to Marseilles (including dinner and pastis), where I arrived the next day, and then I hitch hiked back home and two days later I reached Barcelona, in my dear Spain.

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