The canton Thurgau

by Jorge Sanchez - 3 years, 7 months ago

There were two train stations in Frauenfeld, the capital of the canton of Thurgau. I got off in the first one and would walk until the second one, thus getting to explore the whole town, with about 24.000 inhabitants. In front of the railway station there was one of the several landmarks of Frauenfeld, the castle, small but pretty looking, located by the river Murg. The second one, the Rathaus, or City Hall, would visit later. Other imposing buildings were the Post Office and the Church St. Nicolas, which I would also visit. In a wall of the building Kantonalbankof , near the Saint Nicolas Church, I saw a plaque stating that in a hotel called Krone that was there in the past stayed distinguished guests (in German language): “bis 1853 gasthof "Krone" hier steigen ab: Zar Alexander I, Frau von Krüdener und Napoleon III. Postamt 1807 – 1898” After having visited the most remarkable places of Frauenfeld, I headed to the lower part of the town, where the second train station was located, I bought some food (bread and cheese) in a supermarket and traveled to Aargau.

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