The canton Basel Landschaft

by Jorge Sanchez - 3 years, 7 months ago

No way to find a cheap hotel in Liestal. I arrived already dark to Liestal, the capital of Basel Landschaft. My intention was to look for the youth hostel, to sleep, letting for the next morning the visit to the town, and at about midday to leave to Basel city. But once I reached Liestal people whom I asked in the public library, which was located just in front of the railway station, informed me that there is no Youth Hostel in Liestal. Then they directed me to the area where several hotels were located together. I walked to that area crossing the Superior Gate (Obertor), visitng on my way the City Hall and a church which is supposed to be the oldest in Liestal. Although it was dark I could still appreciate the architecture. I asked in the first hotel that I saw, but the price for a single room was 140 euro, including breakfast. Then, upon requesting the employees in the reception to suggest me another place much cheaper, I was sent to the Hotel Guggenheim. I liked the name because in Bilbao we have a museum with that name. Perhaps, I thought, the owner of the hotel is Basque, and being both Spaniards he will understand my situation and will make me discount in the price. Once in this second hotel the price, including discount and without breakfast, was 120 euro for a single room. The owner of the hotel was Swiss. Of course, I refused to spend such a large sum of money for just sleep. I gave up and did not ask in any other hotel. But it was cold in the street, the sky was dark, what forecasted rain, and my sleeping bag was not good enough to keep me warm under below zero temperatures sleeping in a park. Furthermore, the train station would close at midnight, so I disregarded the possibility to sleep inside. Finally, at about two hours after my arrival to Liestal, I caught a train to Basel city, arriving there late in the night, found the Youth Hostel, just at about 200 meters away from the railway station and slept there for 30 euro in a dormitory, together with many backpackers.

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