The canton Basel Stadt

by Jorge Sanchez - 3 years, 7 months ago

I left early in the morning the Youth Hostel where I had spent the previous night, and walked to the downtown. I had been in Basel over 40 years earlier, but in those times I used to sleep in Salvation Army organizations, I travelled hitchhiking, and worked in several European cities in anything to earn some money, at least for food. But no much remembered of that journey, only that I crossed on foot a bridge and soon reached France. My first stop was in a square with stalls selling fruits where is located the City Hall. It was beautiful. I was allowed to visit it inside. I saw frescoes and the statue of the founder of Basle: the Roman senator Lucius Munaties Plancus. In fact the location was some kilometers far from the present Basel, and was first called Colonia Raurica. Then I followed the map that I was given in the Youth Hostel and headed to the Catholic Cathedral square, which was called Münsterplatz. In that square there were several museums. Soon later I reached the Mittle Brücke over the River Rhine. I guessed that it must have been that bridge that I crossed four decades earlier to enter France and then reached Mulhouse in auto stop. From that bridge I looked back and noticed in the distance several nice buildings. I walked to see them closer and reached the Spalentur and another imposing church. The streets were narrow and hilly in that part of Basel. At about midday I caught a train to Solothurn. I was satisfied, Basle was a romantic city, with tramways, has many cultural places and a historical university.

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