The canton Lucerne

by Jorge Sanchez - 3 years, 7 months ago

I arrived to Lucerne late in the evening. It was already dark. I walked to the downtown looking for a cheap place to sleep. I was looking for the Youth Hostel. I disregarded to sleep in the railway station because it would close its gates soon. And sleeping in the parks was out of question because it was cold (the month of February) and there was little rain. Since nobody knew where the Youth Hostel was located I entered a hotel (Hotel Lucernerhof), close to the Lake Lucerne, in order to request its address. Then the owner, an Italian lady, asked me how much the price in the Youth Hostel was. I said that for a bed in a dormitory, in Basle, where I had slept the previous night, I paid the equivalence of 30 euro. She said that her prices are much higher, 140 euro per a single room, but because it was the low season and few customers were lodged in her hotel, she was ready to make me a much cheaper price, so finally we agreed a very special price, which was not much different compared with the one in the dormitory, and I was given a nice single room with shower inside. Breakfast would not be included, what I would not mind. I was very grateful to the Italian lady. She told me that Walt Disney, during his stay in Lucerne, he stayed in her hotel. In the morning I started my visits with a park at about 100 meters from my hotel, where there was carved a lion sleeping in a very tender position. It was the Löwendenkmal. It commemorates the death a 700 Swiss mercenaries who were massacred in Paris in 1792 fighting against the revolutionists during the French Revolution period. Then I visited the cathedral, which was also close to my hotel, and then walked to the main Lucerne tourist attraction: the wooden bridge, or Kapellbrücke, which is the oldest of its kind in Europe. I crossed the Kapellbrücke at least three times in each direction. In the middle there was a tower, called Wasserturm, but it door was closed when I tried to go inside. There were paintings and phrases written on the roof of the bridge, and the views over both sides of the River Reuss were superb. On one side there was a Jesuit Church and a market, while in the other I could see very nice buildings and hotels. When I left Lucerne I had good feelings; indeed, Lucerne is one of the loveliest Swiss towns.

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