Nepal 2012 – Travel Episode {Part 6}

by Xander Rose - 5 years, 3 months ago

The first sunbeams next morning bathes the village in a wonderful light. Prayer flags blowing in the wind that carries the prayers to heavenwards….. and Mount Manaslu? – still hiding behind the clouds, as it is still not be willing to show it’s face. Before we left, we strengthened ourselves in the kitchen of the friendly lodge owners. Our next destination was the village Samagaon at the foot of eight-highest mountain in the world. We climbed 500 meters and reached the magical village Shyala. The snow-covered path to Samagaon meanders through a wide and flat located plateau. The village is located at about 3600m above sea level and is the last in its size on the way to Larkya Pass. The residents of the village advised us against a crossing because this year no one had opened the path through the pass. We stayed and wanted to decide the next day. It snowed heavily overnight and thus the decision was clear. Reluctantly, we started the march, which should take us back to Arughat. In Samagaon, monks gathered for a Buddhist ceremony in which they sing Tibetan mantras with prayer wheels in their hands. On the way back to Lho, we wanted to assure ourselves of the decision to return and tested the snow conditions on the slopes of the surrounding hills. Without equipment and experience, there was only the way back. Next morning, we finally saw the 8163m high Mount Manaslu. Its snow-capped eastern edge glows in the light of the rising sun – a fascinating sight. While the Tibetan monks left the monastery for a ceremony and went down to the village, we decided to ascent and visit it. This place, located on an exposed hill on the outskirts of the village, is magical. Everything radiates a peace that lets us enter a trance for this moment. Back in the village, we enjoyed the warm sunshine and watched the world around us, with its wonderful people.

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