Nepal 2012 – Travel Episode {Part 7}

by Xander Rose - 5 years, 2 months ago

Next day we headed downstream on the way to Arughat. In three days we reached Yaru Khola, where we stayed overnight due to a storm. It rained all night heavily. The roof of the lodge was leaking, so we were forced to change the beds more than once. After another 3 days of walking, we reached Soti Khola, from where the jeeps start to Arughat. While our luggage was stowed on the Jeep, we listened to the stories of our porter Mingma, even though we did not understand a word. The Jeep was filling up quickly. At the end, ten people placed on the truck bed and five in the driver’s cab. Once in Arughat, we searched for a suitable hotel. Mingma didnt feel well next morning. He had to fight for two days with stomach problems. We climbed onto the bus to head to our next destination. The bumpy ride to Phishling on the roof of the bus gave us a foretaste of what was about to come. We changed the bus and said goodbye to our two friends Mingma and Bir. In Phishling we listened to the rushing waters of the Trisuli, before we spent the night in tents.

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