The canton Nidwalden

by Jorge Sanchez - 3 years, 7 months ago

Stans, the capital of the canton Nidwalden, is a small town of scarcely 8.000 inhabitants. From the railway station I walked to the main square, called Dorfplatz, where I admired several tourist attractions, such as the statue of a girl called Death and the Maiden, and another one devoted to a legendary hero (like William Tell), whose name is Arnold von Winkelried and was born in Stans. Not far from there I would observe another statue, very fine, in Carrara marble, representing his death of Winkelried, under the Austrians, in a battle that took place at the end of the XIV century. I entered the church Saint Peter and Saint Paul, and then had a conversation with a local man who explained me the history of the two cantons, Nidwalden and Otwalden, that in the past were together. The snowed mountains around Stans gave beauty to this city. After two hours or so, feeling that nothing else would offer me Stans, I took the train to the canton Otwalden.

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