The canton Obwalden

by Jorge Sanchez - 3 years, 7 months ago

Sarnen, the capital of the canton Obwalden, is surrounded by mountains, and located very close to the geographical center of Switzerland. Its population is about 10.000 souls I arrived there coming from Stans, in Nidwalden canton. I saw many old nice houses in the downtown, especially the City Hall, built in Baroque style, visited a catholic church and walked around for about 2 hours. I was ready to leave since nothing else seemed to me too important to spend more time in that town. In my way back to the station I heard a man talking Spanish to a lady. I greeted him in Spanish and, surprised, he stopped to talk to me. He lived in Switzerland and was travelling together with his wife, a Swiss lady, in a kind of pilgrimage, to visit a statue of the infant Jesus sheltered in a nunnery in Sarnen. I asked him to allow me to go with them, and the man agreed. Soon we reached the convent, where eight Benedictine nuns lived, and we were shown the famous statue, very dear to the Catholics in Switzerland. It was a small Gothic wooden sculpture from the XIV century. After paying respects to that relic I walked to the railway station and traveled to the canton Zug.

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