The canton Zug

by Jorge Sanchez - 3 years, 7 months ago

Zug is the capital of the canton Zug and is located on the shores of the Lake Zug. When I arrived there, by train, I first visited the lake. It was interesting to note that there was a Jet d’Eau, like in Geneva, but much less high. I entered a catholic church and then climbed a street until an old castle. I read a title saying that the castle was presently a museum called Burg Zug. The entry was free of charge. Inside I saw a statue of a lion, a reproduction of the original found in Lucerne (the Löwendenkmal). I climbed the stairs upstairs and had a wonderful view over the city. In my way back to the railway station I still saw other interesting places, such as fountains with statues representing historical personages, more churches and museums. But the best was the pretty Clock Tower, built during the XIII century, which was the gateway to the city when it was walled. The clock was added during the XVI century. During the times it has been a watch tower and also a prison. I asked how to climb the clock tower, but nobody knew. When I was in the train on my way to another canton, talking with my neighbor I learnt that I should have asked the key in the Police station.

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