The canton Schwyz

by Jorge Sanchez - 3 years, 7 months ago

Heading to Schwyz, the capital of the canton Schwyz, the train stopped first in Arth Goldau, a place by the lake that it seemed interesting because of the view from there of the magnificent Rigi Mountains; therefore I got off to visit it and later would take another train to Schwyz. I enjoyed the lakeside. There were restaurants, monuments, games for children and a church on a hill to where I climbed. The c hurch was called Herz-Jesu azdnit was catholic. In fact that railway station called Arth Goldau served two villages nearby: Arth and Goldau. After that pause I took another train to Schwyz. The center was at 2 kilometers from the railway station. I walked there and visited the downtown with its pretty buildings, but I was glad that I first stopped in Arth Goldau, place that I liked most in that tiny canton. Back in the railway station I caught another train to my following canton: Uri. Owing to the facts that the cantons in that part of Switzerland are so small and close together, you can visit three or four in a single day using public transport.

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