Gde-Gde? V Karagande!

by Jorge Sanchez - 8 months ago

Gde-Gde? V Karagande! (Where, where? In Karaganda!) is a popular russian expression that I remembered when I reached Karaganda. I arrived in the evening and slept in the railway station for about 4 euro. In the morning I visited the town, very well in depth, spending the full day, and the most interestiong visit was the one that I devoted in the Oblistik Muzei to study the tragedy of the Germans who lived in the Volga region and were sent, by orders of the criminal Stalin, just for their origin or german family name, to the GULAG's of Karaganda, to die like dogs. Some other nationalities, such as the greeks, chechens, polish, kurdish, etc., were also sent, to die, in Karaganda GULAGs, extracting coal in the mines.

The best hero of Karaganda is the cosmonaut Toktar Aubakirov, who was born in Karaganda region and flew to the space from the Baikonur cosmodrome. In one of the museums that I visited (I visited three of them) I made a picture of his cosmanaut vestiment. 

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