War is going on in Donetsk and Lugansk

by Jorge Sanchez - 8 months ago

In Rostov na Donu I bought a bus ticket to Donetsk. They also offered tickets to Lugansk. The price was 700 rubles. Once in the russian border I was allowed to continue to Donetsk, to Marinovka check point in Donetsk, but after one hour or so after we had crossed to Donetsk oblast we heard gunfire. The driver stopped a few kilometers from reaching Donetsk. We were only 5 passengers on board the bus, all men. Then a car with soldiers of the Donetskaya Narodnaya Respublika came and requested us to show our passports. They asked me where I was going and I said to a hotel in Donetsk. They refused my entry. I needed somebody to take responsability of me, but somebody who wants the independence of Donetsk, not an ukrainian. Then they stopped a bus going to Rostov na Donu and sent me back to Russia. They said that the war had started again, there were terrorists in the streets of Donetsk, people were killed daily. They even suggested me to go back to a russian church and pray for them (it was a sunday, february 5, 2017). A few days earlier a man had been shot dead in the main street by a sniper. Many people in Donetsk do not want to be separated from Ukraine. Not everybody wants the independence and to become part of Russia. In the way back the bus was full, no children on board, they all had been evacuated to Russia long time ago. Silence in the bus back to Russia, no music, no radio, nobody spoke, it looked like a funeral. The passengers were refugees from the war, mainly women. Ukrainians are killing its own people. Russians at the border gave me an entry stamp in a annexed sheet, in Kuibishevo. Because of that stamp of Kuibishevo I would have many problems and hours of interrogation when leaving Russia to Estonia, via Pskov, a few days later.

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