Oral 2017

by Jorge Sanchez - 8 months ago

Russians know that city as Uralsk, but in Kazakh is Oral. By crossing the river Ural you are now in Europe., now in Asia.

Pushkin visited it and the hotel where he stayed is still there, with the name of Pushkin. He traveled there searching for information to write his book The Captain's Daughter.

That hotel was expensive for my pocket, as I found out when I asked the price in the reception, so I prefered to sleep in the dormitory of the railway station for about 5 euro a bed.

The next day I took a shared taxi to Atyrau since there was not a direct train service. I always traveled overland, like the real traveler, by buses or train, and never by airplane, thus being in permanent close contact with the planet Earth and the people on the road.


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