Medieval Town of Toruń (UNESCO site), visited with Artur Anuszewski

by Jorge Sanchez - 8 months ago

I was very lucky to have the best guide to show me the medieval town of Torun, the polish great traveler Artur Anuszewski, author of several books about the art and history of his lovely town Torun.

He took care of me and after the visit to Torun he invited me to have dinner an a typical polish restaurant, bought me gingerbread for my journey and then invited me to sleep in his apartment, where we spent several hours talking about.... guess... Yes, about travels!

His apartment was like a temple devoted to the travels, full with plenty of beautiful pictures taken in exotic places of Asia, Africa and America, plus statues of Buddha in every corner.

Artur is one of the best travelers of the world; he travels overland, in depth, like the real traveler. He explained me about his 3 months journey from Pakistan to India via Tibet and Nepal, using only buses and trains.

Thanks Artur!

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