Travelers meeting in Munka Ljungby

by Jorge Sanchez - 5 months, 1 week ago

Great traveler Jarl Hardenmark (Record Guinness as the best traveler of the world, ex aequo with the American John Clouse, until Guinness retired this category) organizes every year in his village Munka Ljungby (Scania, Sweden) a travelers meeting. Apart from Swedish, he uses to invite each time a different international traveler, sometimes from USA, sometimes from Europe. In the year 2017 I was chosen.

We were six travelers, five Swedish and one Spaniard. During two days we exchanged travels plans, information and adventure tales. But, above all, we had a good time sharing our common passion: travels.

Some of the travelers were members of the Swedish CLUB100 (a Swedish version of the Travelers Century Club in California). Robert Petersson had already visited all the 193 United Nations; Arnold the Adventurer knew about 170, and Magnus Andersson had lived 6 years in the Indonesian part of the New Guinea Island, apart from having been in Timbuktu about 50 times. Magnus is also a member of the prestigious Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography of Stockholm.

Jarl was the master of the ceremonies and we all respected him because he is the travel champion, the only traveler in the world to have been simultaneously in all the Travelers Century Club countries plus in all the 14 secret Guinness territories, including Paracel Islands (he is the only person, no Chinese, to have penetrated into those islands). He also showed us his 30 passports filled with stamps of all the 193 United Nations countries. I specially liked the narration of his travels to hard reaching islands such as Paracel, Chagos, Clipperton, Ashmore and Cartier, Peter I, Heard and McDonald, Howland and Baker, Kingman reef, Coral Sea Islands, Bouvet (where he really landed and touched the island with his two feet during several hours), etc.

The second day we visited the Cannibal Museum, which was created by Arnold the Adventurer in his own house. Inside, we saw African masks, musical instruments from the five continents, matryoshkas from Russia, wooden statues from Vanuatu, a shisha from Egypt, jambiyas from Yemen, human skulls from Asia, shrunken heads from the Jivaro tribes in the Amazonia, and even penis gourds from Papua.

Arnold the Adventurer (Arnold Wernersson) is the Ministry of Culture of the micronation Republic of Önneköp, near Munka Ljungby, that declared independance from Sweden in the year 1995.

For me that meeting was an unforgettable experience. I learnt many new things that I ignored about several most exotic countries, and more important, I made five new wonderful friends.

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