Visiting Paracel Islands on a Chinese fishing boat

by Jarl Hardenmark - 2 years, 1 month ago

Thanks to a Chinese lady that I knew in Sweden, I could contact the Fishermen Association in Hong Kong and could arrange with some of them to take me to Paracel Islands.

The price was not cheap (but cheaper than traveling to the North Pole) but I was determined to get to know one of the most difficult places to visit for a no Chinese, and one of the 14 secret Guinness territories to where no other traveler had yet been.

We left Hong Kong on 5th May 1998 in a fishing boat with 3 crew members, and the next day we arrived to the territory of the Paracel Islands. We could not go ashore to the islands sheltering Chinese soldiers, which are forbidden for foreigners, because I had no permission for that.

I saw several uninhabited islands belonging to the Paracel where we could not land. Then finally, on the 7th of May, we stopped in North Reef (Bei Hiao), where we disembarked and I took several pictures for some hours of the lighthouse inlet.

I felt satisfied and the fishermen too. 

Then we returned to Hong Kong, where we arrived the next day, 8th of May. The next day, 9th May 1998, I was issued an official document stating that I had been in Paracel Islands, signed by the boat captain.

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