Food culture in Sweden

by Laura Camile - 5 years, 3 months ago

I was never aware about Scandinavian food. I had never an idea I will be in Sweden for long period; such a cold country. Well as I had told in my previous story, I fell in love with Sweden. Because of many things and because of food culture of course. The most amazing thing what I got to know in Sweden that swedes love coffee and chocolates. Their coffee breaks are called fika's and it is actually an excuse for everything. Literally everything. So first thing was definitely that. And my friends and I always enjoyed KANELBULLAR (cinnamon bun) during the fika! The second good thing was meat + cranberry sauce. Sounds like such a weird mix, but actually it reveals each other's taste. Cranberries were especially popular together with meatballs which came together with mashed potatoes as well. Yummy! Thinking about meatballs makes me remember their chocolate balls as well. They were so good and so different. I still struggle to figure out what was actually it made of. Or maybe I better won't know but I just enjoy it again, when I am there for the next time. But there are some things that I am not going to try again, but some people really like it. Well blood pudding is one Of them and actually very popular down there and it's made from pigs blood and flour. And Surströmming (small fish). Totally disgusting smell and I don't know about the taste because I can't eat seafood, but I was together with a very brave group who decided to taste it. They opened it I'm the bucket full of water to prevent the terrible smell; didn't really help. I was wondering how can you eat something with such an "odor", but this is also kinda a part of culture you have to experience while there. And people say that fish is amazing there. Well I will never get to know it, but I bet it is as I doubt you could get a fresher salmon somewhere else :).

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