Lithuanian food!

by Laura Gurskyte - 4 years, 1 month ago

Yummy foods in my home country.. First of all, we eat a lot of meat. A LOT! And lots of potatoes. Let's just say a lot of heavy food and vegetables are not that popular. Well, we also have our favorite summer food - pink soup, which is actually made from buttermilk with cooked eggs and beets. Sounds little creepy but is perfectly delicious! In summer we eat a lot of strawberries, usually from our own gardens. Lithuania is really a place to be in summer. Anyway, one of the best is minced meat mixed with rice and wrapped in cabbage! It is called BALANDELIAI and it is very nice when it is in crushed tomato sauce with onions. Looks something alike what Turkish people also have. Anyway, another things is from minced potatoes, round and big and inside is also with minced meat - that's my favorite and all Lithuanians love it. And our beer is very good! So that's why there are many breweries in Lithuania, which shouldn't be missed! (P.S. Also with beer we always take fried bread with cheese, the bread that mostly you won't find anywhere around the world, so yummy!)

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