5 Best Tourist Places in Kodaikanal

by Hruday Chand - 2 years, 1 month ago

Kodaikanal or Kodai is a popular hill station located in the Western Ghats of Tamilnadu. Often referred as 'Princess of Hill Stations’, Kodai is one of the best hill stations in South India and also one of the top places to experience Tamilnadu Tourism. This pristine hill station has several scenic natural attractions which are enjoyed by its visitors and make it a popular romantic destination. Kodaikanal offers a pleasant experience to tourists with relatively less crowd when compared to other hill stations of Tamilnadu. 

Here are some of the most famous tourist places in Kodaikanal:

Kodaikanal Lake

Kodaikanal Lake is an artificial, star-shaped lake situated in Kodaikanal town. It is the most famous landmark of Kodaikanal & often represented in promoting Kodaikanal Tourism. The lake is located amidst the most calm and serene environment. There is a walk way around the lake and is one of the favourite places where tourist come for a casual walk and enjoys the beauty of the nature. 

Coaker’s Walk

Coaker's Walk is a narrow pedestrian path situated close to Kodaikanal Lake in the town of Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu. Constructed by Lt.Coaker in 1872, Coaker's Walk is a 1 kilometer paved pedestrian path running in parallel to the Club Road along the edge of steep slopes on the southern side of Kodai.  This is one of the most scenic & beautiful Kodaikanal tourist places and also one of the must visit places in Kodaikanal.  The kilometer long walk provides the most picturesque views of the hills, the valley of the Dolphin’s Nose, Pambar River, Maduraicity and Periyakulam town on a clear day. Evenings is the best time to visit the place when the mountainscover by mystic clouds. The walkway is very well maintained and it's great spot for photography.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park is botanical garden situated on the eastern side of the Kodai Lake. Spread over an area of 20 acres, the park was planned and built in 1908 by H.D.Bryant, and named after him. With 325 species of bushes, shrubs and cacti, the park is a rainbow of stunning flowers throughout the peak season. A large segment is dedicated to almost 740 styles of roses. This is one of the biggest parks in Kodaikanal and also one of the best places to visit in Kodaikanal. There is a beautiful glass house and a small lake filled with water plants inside the park. The park also organizes horticultural exhibits and flower shows every summer, which attract large crowds.

Bear Shola Falls

Bear Shola Falls is a lovely waterfall located inside the spell binding hill station of Kodaikanal.This is a seasonal waterfall that spouts wealthy, clean water from all sides at some point of the monsoons. Its name is derived from the truth that bears used to come back here to quench their thirst. This is one among satisfactory waterfalls in Kodaikanal and additionally one of the pinnacle locations of sightseeing in Kodaikanal. Dolphin's Nose

Dolphin's Nose is flat rock projecting over a massive gorge which is about 6,six hundred ft deep. t is one of the most scenic locations in Kodaikanal and moreover one of the often visited Kodaikanal tourist places. Resembling the form of a Dolphin's Nose, it is also a popular hiking path in Kodaikanal. This rocky hill cliff offers a fowl’s eye view of Kodaikanal and breathtaking Western Ghats.

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