Betliar Mansion

by Patrik Struk - 4 years, 1 month ago

Betliar Mansion greeted me with quiescet atmosphere. Half cloudy sky with a gentle breeze indulged me a pleasant conditions for a leisurely stroll in the park area of the mansion. After entering through half-open gate my eyes got enchanted by the view of the walkway, lined with trees, at the end of which was proud historic building. Trees surrounding trail impressed me with their texture. These trees do not come from the local flora. Under their strains were stuck poms with their names and places they come from. Most of them come from Asia. They must be pretty old as well as several hundreds of years. Their seeds were imported from wandering paths of one historic owner, count from the Andrássy family. On his travels around the world he brought to his mansion many souvenirs and artifacts that are now exposed as exhibits inside the castle and they can be seen by yourself in group tours organized in the manor house. Artifacts in the mansion comes mainly from the Far East, but also from Egypt and many other places. The manor house is now a historical monument, as the only well-preserved mansion in the Slovak Republic. As Im passing the ancient manor Im going by northward path. A few dozen yards away is Masonic pavilion with geometric shaped windows with theme of masonic symbols. The following park path accompanied me with flowing streams from the ponds. The park was quiet, trees and bushes were still waiting for their first heyday. During my visit before midday I felt that I was in the park all alone. Thus, not quite, I noticed wild squirrels and frogs jumping off the shores of the lake, to hide in muddy bottom, masquerading before visitors. It was clearly seen that the park is still preparing for its season, and there is no doubt that its peacock feathers will spread with the arrival of the first warm days, when trees and bushes, suspended by dry, cold winter, will come to life again and show their true beauty. Walk in the park of the manor house was nice and refreshing. Hiking trails lead visitors through playful routes where behind each corner is something new. Pavilions, bridges with a variety of architecture evoke the feeling that you are changing the era and country every hundreds of meters. A tourist could end their wonderful visit in near located restaurants ready to regale visitors with the best level of domestic and Slovak specialties. Once you visit Slovakia, do not miss this unique historical monument, the pearl of the eastern region of Slovak Republic.

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