Andalusia experience

by Gena Zapodianu - 5 years, 3 months ago

These 3 months in the South of Spain, was one of the most interesting experiences, while I was working in a hostel, with a practice stage, with other 2 romanian girls, in a little town called Mazagon (Huelva). I shouldn't lie, but the first impression was (after the "so exciting" mood, for the new place, near the beach) was like...okkk, I'm in a empty, forgotten little city. But ok, being a tourist city, the problem was only because of the period (this period) of time, when you can't really go to the beach and there is only the local people. After that, the story is different. Me, I've worked 8 hours/day, yes, with 2 aleatory free days (not really interesting for you), but the thing is that I had a lot of nice, beautiful and unforgettable moments, which I would like to tell (and show) to you. I will start to enumerate all the places that I've visited, will be: Mazagon and Huelva (of course), Punta Umbria, El rompido, Matalascanas, Moguer, Rio tinto, Sevilla (which are around Huelva), after it will be Ayamonte, Cadiz, Conil, Malaga and a little bit farther, Valladolid. And now...which one was my favorite? All of them, of course, have something to offer and impressed me a lot. But ok, i will mention here what i actually admired of these places. So, it will be the beach from Mazagon (in the night also), where i could also make a "horse ride", near the beach, up on the hills, experience that i can't even explain it, only to say that i love it (a dream came true). You have to try to understand! In rest, the beaches, all of them, have something apart! Punta umbria, where i ate an alive shell (the people "hunt" them on that beach) was that where i did the first bath, in Matalascanas, beside the beautiful beach, i had that 3 hours amazing trip to the "Parque Nacional de Donana" with a big green mercedes car, that can pass through the beach, on sand, on sand hills, forest and, of course, on the normal road. Conil and Cadiz have that white sand, or at least, Conil, which gave me the feeling that i'm somewhere in Greece, not because of the color of the water but for the almost all white place. Huelva, is not such a big city (bigger than Mazagon for sure) but there is where i saw for the first time the processions from "semana santa", something traditional in Spain, in the week before the Easter. That costumes, the full streets of people...interesting! And the sevillian festivals (i think they are called like that) in may, where you can drink "ponche" and eat "caracoles" (little snails) and, of course, "Muelle de las Carabelas". I was amazed at how such tiny ships changed the course of world history. And....aawww, i have so many other things to say about Sevilla with her architecture (my soul city), Malaga (first love), Ayamonte, from you can see the Portugal, El rompido (with the history that i can't/don't know to explain), Rio tinto, with such a different dimension of Spain and Valladolid, from the north of Spain, which is so different from the south....But i will stop here and if you really want to know more, i think you can contact me and i will tell you, all i know. Finally, if it will be the opportunity to go back, even for a walk, i will do it without but or maybe.

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