Getting lost in Medina, Fes (“Moroccan business” pt. 1/7)

by Aleksandar Zivkovic - 5 years, 1 month ago

Before coming to Morocco I knew a very little about its culture. I knew some basic stuff and information, and I had perception of it like an exotic destination, rich culture and mysterious way of life. Immediately the first day I step on the ground of the most spiritual Moroccan city, as the call it, adventure began. My purpose of travelling was volunteering in institution for minor delinquents for two weeks, in the prison. I was shocked and trilled at the same time for this opportunity. There are plenty of things to do in Fes, especially to visit and to try their delicious food. Smells, good ones and the bad ones, colors will make your senses take over your body in attempt to try everything. From all of places in Fes, the biggest impression gave me Medina, going there several times, wandering through streets and discovering every time something new…it was impossible to keep track with all the information. Especially when the signs, which are supposed to show you the way, are wrongly directed with aim to get you lost and spend more time in Medina. Narrow streets, full of smells, delicious food, colors that will make you blind, big crowd, donkeys going through the streets, fitting only enough to get through…this is how it looks everyday atmosphere. If you ever visit Fes or Morocco, to get lost in Medina is simply MUST DO!

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