Chefchaouen – the city that is always high in every meaning (“Moroccan business” pt. 7/7)

by Aleksandar Zivkovic - 5 years, 1 month ago

As title suggest, Chefchaouen is the city that is always high in every sense. It’s very isolated, located high in mountains, where are houses colored in blue-white, which is true tourist attraction. Besides its beauty, the city is famous for hashish. Chefchaouen is heaven place for stoned backpackers, and their only desire to come here is to try hashish or how the locals calling it, “kif”. Even though using hashish is illegal, a very large male population in Morocco is consuming it. The usual penalty for smoking or buying Hashish is ten years imprisonment. Since cannabis is unofficially Morocco's biggest foreign currency earner it is obvious that the government can hardly afford to make a serious crackdown on the business. Moroccan jails are not pleasant places, believe me I know (been there, done that!). The city has unbelievable location, on top of the mountain, having a spectacular view, and amazing disposition of the houses and streets, which are very narrow and colliding with other people are usual activity. The city I regard as MUST VISIT BY ANY CHANCE! Even though is isolated, coming to the city and getting out is easy because there are several routes that are scheduled daily, to different cities and parts of Morocco.

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