The Medina!

by Giannis Prodromidis - 5 years, 1 month ago

Everything from this town is the Medina! Just amazing the only one soooo big Medina all over the world ! I have been almost for 2 nights and three days to Fez town, I explores almost all the city, the new one and the old one (Medina) . In the new city, nothing amazing except some coffee shops. But it was great night when I got to a local live music club. The musicians played really great Arabian music with their special organs and we enjoyed a lot for two-three hours with red local wine. I cannot help you more with a review because I don't remember the name of the live music hall but I will upload in later time some photos to have a look . I had really great panoramic views one was from my hotel Les Merinides Hotel Fez. I have already a review and another great view to the old Medina from the old castle . But the highlight of the city is the old Medina. A really big market with all traditional wares and many pedlars ! The small alleyways ARE amazing and funny because is the only one all over the world with so many, if I remember well, almost over 5.000, and funny because there are many donkeys or horses around you ! Also there you will find the famous tanneries with the unforgettable smell :) Just a small tip for you, don't try to go alone in the Medina because you have many possibilities to get lost and of course it is not possible to see the smaller alleyway of the world. I hired a local guider just for 3 hours and for 10 euro, and almost saw everything and don't troublesomely :)

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