Heatwave in the capital of everything man-made

by Dean Vitoros - 4 years, 1 month ago

It was a sunny day of June, when a travel agent persuaded us to switch our initial plans to visit Malta for Dubai. "Why not?" we thought slightly tempted, thinking that for the exact same price we would be in a place outside the European continent, enjoying some luxurious holidays in a nice hotel and seeing something hopefully more exotic. Arrival in Dubai was in the early morning, after a post-midnight flight. The first feeling when I got out of the airport was that of asphyxiation; July in the Gulf is no joke. The temperature was about 35 degrees, but because of the intense humidity it felt more like 45. The next few days, we got to enjoy a nice stay in a decent four star hotel, relaxing by the swimming pool and avoiding the intense heatwave that was literally making us feel like each and every joint of our body was not functioning properly. We paid a visit to a few beautiful marble mosques, saw the Arab desert and approached some of the most famous man-made constructions in the world: Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and the notorious palm islands. I must say that I feel like Dubai is way too constructed to be a place of sheer enjoyment; personally I caught myself very often feeling sceptical about how the mankind has been interacting with the natural resources and the planet's beauties, even if the beauties in question are just the desert and a wild coastline. Overall, I think that Dubai is a place worth visiting for a short time, mainly for pleasure and not cultural immersion and definitely not throughout the summer. Also, it is ideal for people who have spending money and extra space in their luggage for shopping: tons of malls and gold ornament shops to choose from!

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