Small? Who cares.. it is worth to see Andorra!

by Rami Sanigova - 5 years, 1 month ago

This small country sqeezed between Spain and France was always on my „bucket list“ since I've got to know about it for the first time in a travel magazine. It was described as a country of amazing ski slopes and cheap shopping. Is that really just about that? The first expresion was weird – Nobody checked our passport when entering the country, the capital looked like a big shopping mall and since we came from Spain, where is 30 degrees now, it was surprising to see a lot of snow on the top of the mountains. The second impression was great – We were lucky to live in a small village with a beautiful view of a valley. In this country it is really worth to live anywhere else but the capital Andorra la Vella. We were even more lucky to get bikes so there was no excuse to not go and explore the surroundings! During our half day trip full of biking up and down we saw few small villages with houses in a cottage style, couple of fat horses and smelly cows chilling around, cute small church with a nice view, people walking around in normal clothes and few people in ski clothes. On the map it all seemed like far away but in reality in Andorra everything is close. In the end I had to check the legendary things from the travel magazine – We didn't go to ski because the season just finished. And the shopping was anything but disappointing... Many people, many shops but nothing interesting to buy. We saw mostly electronics, alcohol, tobacco, sport clothes and parfume shops. But where are some shops with normal things to buy like books, games etc.? All in all I have to say that I fell in love with this small country. If you are a fan of nature and mountains than you have to come and explore what Andorra has to offer. There are biking and hiking maps which can help you to find your way around but I think it is almost impossible to get lost here. There is even a special road around Andorra which you can complete in 7 days and get a certificate (something like completing Camino de Santiago). The night life is not very crazy here but there are few bars where you can have fun. Unfortunately we personaly haven't met any citizens of Andorra but maybe next time because I am definitely going to come back!

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