Maui, Kaui,Ohau and Big Island

by Aleksandra Musiał - 5 years, 1 month ago

I spend 10 amazing days on Hawaii Island. I kind of person who don't like lying on the beach but prefer to deciver different places and I really enjoyed my stay on Hawaii. I visited 4 islands (Maui, Kaui, Oahu and Big Island) and every of them is diffrent and defenitlly worth to visit. The only bad thing is, that between islands there is no ferry so u have to take a plane and the prices are between 50-150$, depends from which island to which you go, because distance are different. Although island Oahu with Honollulu is the most known, I liked it the least so if u go to Hawaii you have to visit also other islands :) One of the best moment for my was sunrise in Maui on non-active vulcano Haleakala. It was amiazng becuse vulcano is enouht hight that the top of it is above clouds so around 5 am I could see sun which goes up from clouds, which were golden-orange... It was one of the best view in whole my life :) but this place is really busy in the morning and sometimes is so many cars, which go on the top of vulcano before sunrise that u can stuck in traffic jam and not to see sun rise so it's better go ther before. I went to top with firends around midnight and we parked our car in parcking place and were sleeping in car waiting for sun rise. What's more, it's really important to take warm clothers, because although it's Hawaii, because of the hight of vulcano, on the top is around 0 centigrade.

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