Movie Theme Park Experience Design——Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

by Linshan He - 5 years, 2 months ago

Warner Bros. Studio uses a way of combining the front stage with back stage to present the theme of the Harry Potter films. It reproduces and restores the real scenes of its films, which is a good fit for its attribute as a movie induced theme tourism destination. Through the presentation of different scenes, buildings, props, houses, etc. in the physical environment space, this studio tries its best to restore what people see in the movies to its visitors to a great extent. By the sensory design, tourists are like immersive in the films. Besides, by means of the servicers’ guidance and the appearance of filmmaking, tourists are involved in the back stage of film production. Thus, this studio makes a very good presentation about the front and back stage of its film series to its visitors, which helps the visitors really understand a movie, not just stay in the surface, stay in the level of watching, but get involved personally via knowing the steps and process of shooting, producing and finishing a movie, by means of which visitors are able to understand the real spirit of the movie. The way of combining front stage with back stage to present its theme is a delivery of film culture and spirit, as well as a respect and salute for filmmakers who make contributions to every part of the movie. Warner Bros. Studio creates the experience values to its tourists by four aspects: “Magic” Concept Warner Bros. Studio defines its tour as the making of Harry Potter. This concept could greatly stimulate tourists’ visiting interest. Because the movie Harry Potter itself is an imaginary magic world constructed by novels, tourists will be curious about how the magic world can be built in our real world. Therefore, the experience the studio gives to its tourists will be unique and novel. Innovative Products Products are the heart of a theme park. The studio creates a various and all-embracing products experience system for the tourists by rendering the experienced scene, designing experienced projects and holding experienced activities. For example, in the studio, the scene of Quidditch Match has been built with the relevant experienced project of riding the magic broom and experienced activity of recording the magic tour, which makes the whole experienced product more abundant and more attractive to the tourists. Special Events Warner Bros. Studio draws the eye of tourists via a series of entertainment, events, news and activities, which is from a more creative and extensive perspective to extend the experiences of tourists. For example, Hogwarts at Christmas festival holds from 15th November 2013 to 6th January 2014. The studio will undergo a festive makeover as some of the intricately-detailed sets are decorated using the actual decorations and food props seen in Harry Potter film series. Events like this could activate the experiences of tourists. Effective Media After developing a various of theme products, the studio makes good use of internet resources to do the effective promotion and branding. By use of selling tickets online, the order of admission of tourists has been managed excellently. Moreover, the detailed visiting information on its official website helps tourists plan their trip well. In addition, through the pictures and videos shared on the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube ,which are social network websites, the image of this studio spreads widely and powerfully. Tourists can use these platforms take active participate in making comments, sharing experiences and recalling their trips to have more abundant experiences.

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