Vilnius – nice, clean and cute

by Dino D - 4 years ago

I was in Vilnius during August, which is practically the only summer month you can get in the Baltic countries. The weather then was awesome – which may have influenced my pretty good general impression of the city. The city is relatively small, we didn't take more than 1 day to stroll around its street and even though many things I don't remember anymore, there will be couple of things noteworthy: the small „tower“from where you can overlook the city, the theatre's „3 freaky ladies“whom they used to scare the small kids with and a couple of pretty cool second-hand bookshops (and pure vintage shops) somewhere around the city. If you need some help and approach a local asking if they speak English – don't listen to their „no“, they are simply ashamed of talking in English, even though they do speak „simplified version“ of it. Don't forget about „Ir aš tave“and its reply on the riverbanks!

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