Kaunas – Vilnius' fierce rival

by Dino D - 4 years ago

Apparently as in any other country, there is a huge rivalry between the country's two biggest, most important cities: Vilnius and Kaunas. If you ask locals which one is better, everyone will root for they own. And while Vilnius left a pretty nice impression on me, in Kaunas I had my own „tour guide“so I got to know that city a bit better. There is actually not much to see, but there are couple of things to experience. Such as visiting the part where the two rivers meet in Santakos Parkas – the sight isn't that amazing, but just the idea is warming itself. If you continue walking down the riverbank, you will soon encounter some machines for exercising, so feel free to earn yourself a muscle fever while there. Of course, you can always climb a small hill for a decent panoramic view but when it comes to history of the city, I'm afraid I had none experience with it.

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