Feeling lucky in London

by Maria Dolores Lorca Cava - 5 years, 2 months ago

Late night. Four Spanish friends around 21 years old playing cards in the living room of a Hostel in Kensington Gardens (London). A small group of Spanish teenagers who came to London in a study trip were sat in a close table, and, as they hear the older ones speaking spanish, they decide to start a conversation. They discovered that the “oldies” were Spaniards living in Liverpool, and they became amazed. “Yeah, we just took a bus and decided to visit the capital of this country in which we will be living for almost a year by ourselves”. They got more amazed. “Are you living by your own or with your friends in a foreign country? Studying at an English University? Do you do whatever you want whenever you want!? How are you such lucky???” We, (yes, I'm one of the “oldies”) started laughing and we answered “yeah, we are so lucky! In those moments you really appreciate those opportunities that life gave to you and that you are trying to enjoy as much as you can. I may have though deeper about that before falling asleep, but I was so tired...long day in London! That rainy day we decided to take the “Royal London Tour”, with a tour guide who works for tips. We took the native guide, as we were there to improve our English. The tour takes about two hours and it is really interesting and ilustrative. It takes to Buckimham Palace, Trafalgar Square, St James Palace and so on. Many people was very unfair, and when they realized that the tour was reaching the end, they suddenly dissapeared. We gave the guide a good tip, as he deserved it.

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