Kazan Kremlin

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 9 months ago

Kazan is a wonderful and exotic town, capital of Tatarstan. You can get there by boat through the river Volga, from Nizhni Novgorod, for instance (that is the way I reached Kazan in 1990, during Soviet Union times). Apart from two historical mosques and the University where Lev Tolstoy and Lenin studied, you should visit one of the loveliest Kremlins in the whole Russia, all of white colour dominating the river Volga, which oldest part dates from the XV century. The second time I spent a couple of day in Kazan, By this time the Kremlin had been declared UNESCO Patrimony of the Humankind and looked to me prettier than in my first visit. From the railway station you can see the Kremlin; it is about ten minutes walk upwards, although there is also Metro (by yuor information, I walked to get to the Kremlin). Once inside I visited the stunning mosque and several other tourist attractions.

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