Caracoles (snails) in Seville

by Veronika Pavlova - 5 years, 1 month ago

It´s mid of May, temperatures in Seville are slowly moving towards hard-to-survive numbers and for its inhabitants it means one thing – caracoles (snails). If you thought just like me that eating snails is only French specialty you can´t be more wrong! Snails of three different sizes and tastes are to be found in every little bar, and Sevillanos seem to be truly obsessed with these little animals. Well, to be honest, even though you consider yourself as an open minded person with let´s-try-everything life style, it was not that easy to suck snail from its little shelf. But if you close your eyes, say to yourself that you live only once (plus all Spaniards are watching you so you have no choice anyways) it´s actually not bad at all!

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