Fairs in Andalusia

by Veronika Pavlova - 5 years ago

To start we need to have a little bit of vocabulary related to fairs in Andalucia. Feria (fair) – is a sometimes a week long (!) party with traditional dresses (try it on when it´s 40 degrees), traditional decoration, traditional food and drinks, traditional traditions…. Yeah... You basically travel a few centuries back… and it´s damn worthy! Casetas – little tent-style houses with amazing decorations…. And unforgettable atmosphere… all mentioned above is happening in casetas … you can find both private and public ones… Rebujito – liters and liters of this cocktail are poured through our throats…. Well…. This mixture of cherry and lemonade tastes good first day, second day, third day…no sorry…even second day is too much…. And even though you swear that this was the last time… you know how these things work… Sevillanas –a traditional (again) flamenco style dance – hands up, picking an apple, eating an apple, throwing away the poor apple, turning around…more or less…. The more rebujito, the easier it gets…. Guiri – blond, flip flops, dancing and trying to look spanish… this is the first hand description… but basically anyone who is not Spanish is guiri… and it´s not a bad thing….though… So if you are lucky enough and happen to be in Andalusia in May/June, don´t miss ferias. There are held in every city, town or village and it´s truly unbelievable experience and you get everything you have in your head about Spain and Spanish culture in once (girls in flamenco dresses look stunning, horse carriages, great food…). I was lucky enough to see two ferias, the one a bit posh and glamorous in Seville but my heart belongs to the second one in a village (ok, I know it´s a town) Dos Hermanas. The super relaxed atmosphere, the fact that almost all the casetas are public and as a guiri from the Czech Republic you are still something exotic – therefore treated well…. What you do – drink, dance, drink, drink, drink, eat, dance, dance, dance…do you have a picture? So dear guires from the whole Globe, go and enjoy ferias yourselves, you won´t regret it!

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