The Partisans City

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 9 months ago

The railway station was very far away from Bryansk downtown, so I caught a bus there, until the main square, where I noticed many monuments devoted to the WWII, especially to the Partisans, about 60.000, who carried out many successful guerrilla attacks against the German invaders. Signs in the street remembered that war and praised the actions of the Partisans. In all Russian towns you will find the eternal flame and plenty of monuments devoted to the heroes. Even after the marriage, the fiancés follow the tradition to pay homage to those heroes. At the beginning I found this an obsession, but after I learnt about the many millions of Russians who have lost their lives in that war, made me respect these monuments, especially in those cities, in the European side of Russia, that most suffered because of the invasion. After visiting the typical places of Bryansk, a city of nearly half a million inhabitants, such as the cathedral and several churches, plus the central avenues, I did not find very exciting the town, in spite of having a history that goes back to the X century (although nothing remains of that time). Therefore, at about midday, after having a light lunch and a couple of beers (Baltika 7), I returned walking to the railway station to continue my travel in “elektrichki” (a local slow train) to another oblast: Oriol.

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