River Guadalquivir in Seville

by Veronika Pavlova - 5 years, 1 month ago

There are many poems written to celebrate the great river Guadalquivir, the biggest river in Andalusia, second in Spain. Living decent time in Seville gives you the opportunity to appreciate its beauty since the sea is (greatly) missing (having in mind that the temperatures in Seville reach easily 40 degrees – no breeze, no shades, just hot). Apart from a drinking coffee and eating on the river bank (mostly on the calle Betiz) there are plenty of activities that the river and its surroundings offer: Walking around– take comfy shoes and wonder along the river banks, you can enjoy bridge-watching, my favorite is the Triana Bridge, take your camera and enjoy it illuminated during the night or a bit more modern the Alamillo Bridge. While you are walking your attention will be surely caught by the graffiti on the concrete blocks around the river banks - it´s a real outdoor art gallery! Depending where you start or finish your way, there are some sights to see (e.g. a bit kitschy Columbus statue in the Alamillo park or a Golden tower where everybody goes on Mondays – guess why – exactly, it´s free). Canoeing, kayaking, rowing, peddling or even swimming (only for brave of us!) – yeah, this river is asking for any kind of water activity mention above. You can rent a boat and go as far as your arms can, it could be a real workout or just little bit drunk-with-friends-hang out but for sure you will have a lots fun. It costs up to 10 euros per day but you have to go around and ask, maybe negotiate a bit. About swimming – well, I have done it and until now I have no third eye or anything else, but probably it´s not the most hygienic thing to do… Running, rollerblading, skating and anything what keeps you fit. To my great surprise (sorry) Spaniards are very active people who love all kind of sports. So whatever makes your body and muscles happy …. And definitely consider picnic, there are some nice places to do so – one is the park Alamillo, the other a little green place on the river bank – it´s situated by the Triana bridge and you find it easily since it´s always occupied by teenagers drinking, dancing, smoking, sunbathing … So if you are either lazy person who prefers reading a book and drinking coffee or sport-addict that needs to be pumped up by the adrenalin, or anything in the middle, go and explore the great river Guadalquivir in Seville. You will have a nice time – promise!

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