My 3 favourite places to eat in Sevilla

by Electra Mar - 5 years, 1 month ago

I've spent quite some time in Sevilla the last year, and surprisingly enough the first relations I made there where with some of the local stores. Here you have my top 3. Three very different places that made my visit absolutely amazing, all three for different kinds of meals. 1. Breakfast -La Cacharreria. It is this little alternative place on Calle Regina, a cute full of life street behind the Settas, where you can get one of the best breakfasts in town. With something like 2 euros per person, you can get a coffee and a full basket of very nice variety of breada]s with many little homemade jams. Truly amazing. The place also offers 2,5 euro mojitos. But that’s probably for a bit later. 2. Lunch or Dinner -La Cigala de Oro. This restaurant is the first and last place I want to visit when in Sevilla. It’s very close to Santa Justa train station and may not look like much with a first look, but trust me, it’s the place to be. It has a wide variety of fish and meat dishes of excellent quality in the best prices you can find. The stuff is fast and friendly and there to help you with suggestions and daily specials. Personal favourites: sirloins with whiskey and garlic and the shrimp. Each plate costs about 5-6 euros. 3. Dessert (or breakfast or just in between because you’re an adult and no one can stop you). Dulce Regina. Right across the street from La Cacharreria in Calle Regina there is cute little bakery that offers nothing but cookies. Fresh-made cookies. Right from the oven. They smell sooo good that you literally cannot miss the place if you’re in the area. Really. And there you have it. (Yet another) story about nothing but food. Surprise, surprise.

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