Crossing the border from Greece to Turkey

by Karin Smorenburg - 4 years, 12 months ago

When backpacking trough Nothern Greece and Western Turkey, crossing the border between these two countries was quite a challenge. We thought it would be possible to go from Alexandroupolis towards Ipsala (Turkey) or Kesan (the lonely planet even told us). However, the bus we took from Alexandroupolis just stopped at the Greek side of the border and left us there. Together with a Danish couple we walked towards the Greek customs and asked them if we could cross the border by foot. They said we could, but if we would do so we would have been sent back by the Turkish customs....We decided to try to hitchhike to the other side of the border. But who would take two backpackers from Holland across the border from Greece into Turkey? In the end, a very nice Greek business man did. He even dropped us at the bus terminal of Kesan where we could continue our journey in the direction of the Gallipolli peninsula.

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