Adventure in Oslo!

by Cristina Magallón Hernández - 5 years ago

This time I'll explain my trip to Oslo! I decided with some friends to buy a cheap flight to Oslo but.. we didn't know that it was so expensive!! we didn't want to pay that much for accomodation, so we arrived there without a place to sleep. While we having dinner at the airport we met a girl, who worked there and helped us to sleep that night at her mum's place, not so far from the airport. Her mum was simply the best! Later in Oslo we didn't have a place to sleep yet, so we managed to sleep for free in the common room of a hostel with some little problems at night,xD but finally alive!! and of course the Opera House was our home during the day! :) a nice and free place to enjoy nice architecture and even a little of show :P I just have to say that Oslo is a nice city, but expensive! so keep it in mind! :) or get ready for a funny adventure!

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