First time in NY

by Ana Oliveira - 4 years, 11 months ago

Finally I was in New York! I couldn´t believe it! I was so excited…. Started to walk with no plan at all, just wanted to feel the city, to see the people, the huge buildings, the smells, the yellow cabs, the lights… So I walked, and walked … and walked till I was so exhausted that I had to stop to have a cup of coffee! Had no idea where I was, but that was just my plan! Accidently I ended up in Ground Zero, this was the year 2003, two years had passed but it felt like it had just happened. People would pass in silence, heads down, sad faces… The atmosphere was heavy, everything was destroyed! A couple of blocks south and there she was, the Statue of Liberty! And the sun was setting – amazing! Time to enter the subway, and head up to Empire State Building, to the top and to watch the city lights do their magic… My friend met me and we went for drinks in a club with her friend… a perfect ending to a perfect day… sometimes its so easy to make dreams come true!

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