Kalameny and the castle Liptovský

by Veronika Pavlova - 3 years, 10 months ago

Slovakia is famous for its natural beauty (at least among us -Czechs) and it´s definitely worth visiting Hing Tatras, Slovak Paradise and other well-known places… Well, if you have some extra time or just want to go a bit off the beaten track -here is a tip for you. About 70 kilometers from Žilina, there is a little village called Kalameny and it is the village with everything that comes with these places – it´s quiet, more or less empty, friendly people, a pub (maybe two), a castle and nice surroundings. Nothing special you say? Let´s get 500 meters behind the church and you can see a natural thermal pool (I cannot really find a more accurate word) which is famous to be super-healthy -and it´s free too! Let´s be honest, the place is not really clean or beautiful, but it has something special – I was thinking for a while-…and what makes me like it is its authenticity. Tents, fire and people grilling, singing, getting drunk and getting sober, playing games, chatting about the weather and above all - relaxing. (Just little tip here: for those who decide to go to the pool: Be a bit careful - water can color your swim suit and don´t forget to take a shower after your bath!) If you get bored, you can take an easy hour walk up the hill to the Liptovský castle. There are beautiful views on the landscape – on the way and from the top of the hill where the ruins are to be found. Electra’s note: Veronika claims that the walk up to the castle takes an hour. Now, for you unfit folks like myself, it will take about an hour and a half and it’s really effing steep, so don’t say you weren’t warned.

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