Waiting for my boat to Trabzon, in Turkey

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 9 months ago

If you have been to Abkhazia overland (from Russia) you must have crossed the Krai of Krasnodar. The same goes if you have been in Adygeya Republic, which is like an island in the middle of Krasnodarskyi Krai. I have traversed that Krai many times, but only have stopped to sleep in Sochi (for a whole week), on the shores of the Black Sea, and in Armavir, a city founded by the Armenians (one night), in my way back to the Krai of Krasnodar from Kabardino Balkaria Republic. Sochi is a Russian Costa del Sol. During Soviet Union times all the Russians spent their summer holidays in that tourist resort. Today, most Russians prefer to spent summer in Europe, mainly in Spain and Italy, or in Thailand, although still many Russians (and Ukrainians) chose Sochi for their holidays owing to the good touristic structure with so many sanatoriums and amenities around the city, with good restaurants and nights clubs. During my one week stay in Sochi, waiting for my boat to Trabzon, Turkey, I bought tickets for several of such excursions, because it was cheaper joining a group than organizing the excursions by me. Thus, I went to Krasnaya Polyana, to a wine degustation (where I won an award in a wine contest), and also to the Russian Banya

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