BB trip: Bratislava-Balaton and pálinka

by Project FOUReigner - 4 years, 9 months ago

Once I was told that when you hitchhike, there is always a ride for you, you just have to be patient. Well, it took us half day to make this trip but it paid off. The way Bratislava-Balaton was a question of two cars, two Hungarian guys, two different stories. First one spoke perfect English, had an interesting job and so much to tell. We learned a lot about the country, food, culture, political situation and if he was not in a hurry I believe we would be talking until now. With the second guy, Tomas, we had no doubts that if you want to communicate - no matter that you know 10 words of 10 languages - you can. I have an only regret - not making video of our conversation: old car, everything is shaking, Electra trying to talk in what she considered to be an Eastern-European accent and every sentence containing words of English, Czech, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek and who knows what languages! We had so much fun (to be perfectly honest I am not sure if we laughed at the same subjects but who cares!) and Tomas rode 30 kilometers extra just to take us to the town we had to go, gave us his number to call him if we need anything and said he was very happy he happened to run into us. We were too!  So we finally made it, we got into a cute town by the Balaton lake called Keszthely (let us tell you a bit more about this place and the lake tomorrow) and we met our first host, a super nice funny guy with many stories to tell who showed us around and had some pálinka to share. What is pálinka you are asking – well, this strong liqueur is made of anything (fruits) and for Hungarians it seems to be a – you are happy, you are sad, morning, afternoon, evening, before party, after party, etc. – drink. What we learned you can legally (!) make it at home if you are 18+, up to 50 liters per person and from your own fruits -provided you don´t intend to sell it. Our first day went well, we are already in love with Hungary and as Hungarians (we love them too) say: EGÉSZSÉGEDRE (means cheers and if this sounds weird to you – well, you are quite right! This language is just… unique!) .

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