10 Indian Travel Hacks

by Navneeth Venkatesh - 4 years, 10 months ago

1. Never Ask the passerby for the direction, Instead ask the shopkeeper, Watchmen, Vendors, Policemen. They give you more accurate and clear direction and don't have a "I don't Know" Character when it comes to giving the direction. Most of the passers-by will say I don't know or they might give tell you the wrong direction only for fun. 2. Travel by Flight mostly if the destination consumes longer Duration in reaching when travelled by train or bus, and Travel by Train if your destination is short. When you find out that it takes more than 1 and a half day or 2 days to reach your destination by train. Save your time by travelling by flight, The Fares might be expensive but you can save your time and would experience journey satisfaction. On the Other hand Travel by train if it takes just 10 hours or less than 1 day. 3. Never Travel by Bus for a long journey, use it when your destination consumes less time. You will experience Back Pain and you can't sleep comfortably and you would find it difficult to strech your legs and body. So Travel By Bus if your destination takes 3-4 hours to reach ,maximum 5- 6. This case is exempted when travelling through 2 sleeper Coach and not a Semi-Sleeper Coach. 4. When you are talking on the phone while walking on the road, find a parking lot and enter inside. While Talking to someone on phone while walking on road you might experience a Noise from vehicles making it difficult to hear what the caller says, get into a parking lot so as to talk in a comfortable and silent environment. 5. Use Public Transport to save money. Use public Transport like Bus, Metro or Electric Trains to save money and also will add more excitement in the journey and create memories by travelling with locals. 6. Eat local food and try popular food of that city Trying Local food instead of eating your boring routine food at your home, so that you will challenge your taste buds and as well as appreciate its taste and eating experience. 7. Rotating the usage of Cash and Debit Card Put some amount of Cash as an emergency in a safety place and try to use Cash for Petty expenses and Use Debit or Credit Card for Huge Expenses. in that way you will experience less risk and also will help you make a proper financial planning depending on your travel itinery. 8. Buy shorts or 3/4th pants that has velcro Pockets or Zip Pockets. Velcro Pockets will help you reduce the risk of losing your wallet or cash while travelling when compared to Pockets without Velcro. 9. Book Hotels through Online. In the age of Internet, we won't hesitate to make transactions and for booking Hotels you shouldn't, Book Hotels online so that you can save your energy and time from going offline booking and finding out that the rooms are unavailable or any Auto walas or Taxis in misguiding you in taking you to the cheapest hotel and charge you some amount as a commission. 10. Online booking of hotels and Google maps Generally while booking online on Hotels you often look for hotels that are in city centre or it is near to Railway Station or Airport, People use Google maps to find the location of the hotel and compare the distance between the hotel and the city centre in order to reduce travelling costs but Google Maps does not give you the accurate answer and lack of street view services in many places will turn out to be a problem to you and end up incurring travel expenses more than expected, so in order to avoid this, Just Use Google Maps to compare the distance between the hotels and the city centre or your preferable location, Call the Hotel reception and ask on how much time it takes to reach the hotel and Available Transport to reach the hotel. If you are satisfied with the answer then go ahead with the booking or else try other hotels. Note : These Travel Hacks might be Useful while Travelling abroad despite it is for travelling in within the boundaries of India.

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