Skopje - the city of statues

by Project FOUReigner - 4 years, 11 months ago

Time flies when you are on the road and we have just entered fourth week and fourth country in our month long travelling. As we are slowly becoming nostalgic, there was a thing we noticed. The more south we go the more transition from central european to balkan mentality we feel, the language is still Slavic (except Kosovo) but people eat and enjoy life like Greeks. In other words we are slowly moving from Veronika´s world to Electra´s. :) So here we are in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. Our first impression was given by the new host, a guy with the coolest apartment ever. (Imagine a dream house of all the boys which one day comes true – the entire room is like a huge bed (understand three mattresses), hammock above all of these and the ruins of the old climbing hall (unfortunately moved to another building). Great! After relaxing in his place for a bit (which is so cool that we are not sure if it´s real) we went to the city center. And we didn´t believe our eyes. Statues, statues, fountains, statues. The biggest is the statue/the fountain of Alexander the Great situated in the middle of the main square, after that, you can expect literary anything. Statues of Cyril and Methodius, shoe cleaner, pregnant woman, beggar, soldiers, mother Teresa, girls who are shopping, pieces of concrete boxes randomly spread on the floor. Check out the photo gallery or just come and see it yourself.

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