Cloudy poor Tallin

by Michela Siuni - 4 years, 11 months ago

It was probably one of the most international group I was travelling with and we had arrived early in the morning by ferry. It was a cloudy day in early autumn and we weren't quite sure of what was around. The guide wasn't much helpful and we went sightseeing quite randomly. Once we get to a hill with a nice view everybody started to take pictures and, while I was still looking around, an old man introduced himself and begun to describe all the building around. He was quite funny and he had a strong Russian accent but he knew his stuff and he was definitely more prepared than the guide. He told me about the time when the Russians were bossing around and the time when they freed themselves.. I learnt a lot. Surely he didn't have to tell me about the current crisis all around- it was quite clear to everyone's eyes.

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