My Donetsk photos - 14 months ago

by Harry Mitsidis - 4 years, 9 months ago

Only 14 months ago, I landed in Donetsk on a short flight from Istanbul. The airport was very modern and jazzy and only then I remembered that the place had hosted the football a year back. I took a taxi and went to the railway station - I stayed at the hotel there for the night, and bought my train ticket to Kharkov for the next day. Due to the bad train connections, I only had a few hours in Donetsk - I woke up at 5 am (it was already light in early June) and took the trolley to the centre, about a 15 minute ride. The centre was ok, nothing very special, but lovely flowers everywhere and some typical Soviet-style buildings, made up to look better. I returned to the hotel for 'breakfast' around 8 am and then looked around at the makeshift open market which was in front of it, by the railway station. Soon enough, I was on my way to Kharkov. Clearly, it was not even in the wildest of my imaginations that this place would soon become a war zone. So here are my photos of what was Donetsk when I visited it...

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