Dolní Těšice - an authentic czech village

by Veronika Pavlova - 4 years, 11 months ago

Some find it hard to believe that I come from a place of 40 people (62 due to newcomers). Well there is such a place and I believe it’s worthy to pay Dolní Těšice a visit. If you happen to be in the Moravian part of the Czech Republic and would like to experience a bit of local culture and see how it is to live in the country side, come to Dolní Těšice and nearby Kelečský poklad (treasure). When people come to visit me, they face difficulties to find my place. Firstly, the village itself sometimes does not appear on maps or GPS, secondly the road seems to lead to the fields rather than a place inhabited by humans. Anyways, once you successfully arrive to Dolní Těšice, you might get surprised by its size. No streets, no pubs, no shops to be found there but few houses (some of them bright new), shiny town hall, forests. There is a little chapel and a statue of St. Joseph in the centre of the village, you cannot miss it since there is only one road to go around. It takes you more or less 10 minutes on foot. You can try to talk to locals, there are not many English speakers but I believe they would be happy to meet you or even show you around. Lesson I have learned while travelling: you don’t need common language when there is a will to communicate. If you climb the hill close to the bus stop, there is a place called Kelečský poklad (treasure). There is a plaque reminding a discovery of huge treasure of 43 kilograms containing silver and golden coins and jewelry. It was discovered accidentally by a farmer who was plowing potatoes. Well, not much to see there, but it is a nice walk and you can enjoy a nice view from there. Why am I writing a story about such a little place you are asking. Partly because I became a bit nostalgic since I don’t live there anymore, partly because I am happy to see the name Dolní Těšice mentioned in the article in English and maybe also with a hope that some travelers can come and see it as more than a boring place. It is truly authentic after all.

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