Olomouc, a hidden treasure of Moravia

by Veronika Pavlova - 4 years, 11 months ago

Some call it a small Prague. Why? It has a plenty of sights, great night life and various cultural events. In contrary of cosmopolitan Prague where you can hardly bump into a local, Olomouc gives you the real taste of the Czech Republic and its people. Google top attractions and historical facts if you are interested, my story is more about seeing Olomouc in the eyes of someone who spent there four years of life. To start your day with a cup of good coffee you don’t need to search for long. There is an original café place every fifteen meters –student meeting point (Café 87), something a bit more classy (Café Angelo), calm garden place in the city center (Café La Fée), or my favorite Café Kodo with freshly grounded coffee to go. Do you fancy some sights? Well, there is a Saint Michael church – with a hidden treasure – the cave. Yes, right, cave. Climb steps and see Olomouc from birds´ eye perspective. It’s impressive, free and have I mentioned that there are very old bells ringing every hour? In the centre of the main square there is a UNESCO sight Holy Trinity Column, if you are lucky you can get to the chapel inside. And many many others, depends on your taste, you can spend an entire day exploring numbers of churches, columns, buildings, fountains and stuff. For those who prefer a bit of nature there is good news, you don’t need to go far. Park Bezručovy sady is wonderful place to relax, have picnic or walk around. The best spot to recharge your batteries is the botanic gardens with plenty of plants and paths. If you need something wilder, look around, and the only hill you can see is your next destination. You can either visit a really cute zoo, see some sights around or walk in the forest. Just get lost in one of many paths and see a bit of Czech countryside. Once you are tired, return to the city centre and start your night in one of many tea rooms. Does not tea room sound very Czech to you? Well, it still cannot compete with our holy beer, but somehow it became a part of our culture to drink a cup of tea or smoke shisha in indian-style decorated place. You can sit, sleep, play games and so on, the atmosphere is pretty relaxed. After that there is a time to have a drink. Who hasn’t been to Ponorka pub, hasn’t been to Olomouc. You sit and beer lands to your table, the same situation happen when you still have a half of your glass full. The other place should be the brewery U Kuděje with a must to try olomoucké tvarůžky (very smelly cheese) and one of special beers from local breweries. The similar atmosphere is to be found in Moritz or Svatovaclavsky pivovar. Pubs, breweries and bars are behind every corner, prizes are perfect with comparison to the capital and honestly, you cannot really explore the Czech Republic full without some glasses of beer. Olomouc is a magical city and you cannot get enough of it. Ahh, and people there are awesome too!

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